woo hoo the weekends here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diddymen, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    The weekends here !!!!!!

    finish work in 5 mins

    straight to the welding shop for more gas

    welding the rest of the afternoon

    Beach buggin on Sunday

    think I've got the week end covered ;D

    probably wont be back on here till this evening ;D
  2. Lucky bugger, and here I am stuck at work having to work really hard !
  3. 10 more minutes on here whilst I eat lunch, then back to the garage to work on Luu.

    As soon as the missus gets in from work we are off in the T25 to a campsite that has been described as being like the Blair Witch Project so that should be interesting then........review up on Sunday ;)
  4. I am currently at home eating a roll and surfing late bay ... my weekend has officially started 8)
  5. Jeez, and here I am still stuck at work.............Sign, no rest for the wicked eh
  6. lol ;D you must be very wicked!!! ;)
  7. It's Brighton Pride tomorrow - the place is already packed - I wont be going this year as they now charge to get into the park and cant be bothered to pay ... instead I am going to go watch the Worthing Bird Man.

    basically people trying to fly off the Pier
  8. cool.. we went to brighton pride in 2009 or 10 .. was a wicked day.. wished we were nearer again so we could go again.. but we are away for a week on sunday so that will do i suppose lol

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