Won't apply to too many here but early bumper overriders from JK...

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  1. £175 the four, although they only had 3 in stock so i've a 2 week wait for the last one :rolleyes: Paid for Monday, arrived Tuesday so usual speedy JK service. On arrival, the overriders look to be decent enough quality, although the paint finish is the usual orange peely texture i'm rapidly coming to expect from repro parts lol
    Obviously for early style bumpers but i have a brazilian bay front on my van and they offer up to that ok. Don't come with any fixing brackets or rubberware......just the actual overriders themselves, so some fabbing will be needed to fit but again, i've come to expect that to a point - the exception seeming to be the brazil bumper which surprisingly was a straight bolt on fit! lol
    I plan to dispense with fitting brackets altogether and opt to weld a couple of captive nuts to the bumper and bolt through the front of the overrider into those, which should hold it in place nicely, and will be covered by the bump rubbers anyway. For those, i don't really fancy paying £70 odd for 4 chunks of rubber so i will be making my own from a Mk1 Golf series one bumper rubber (long enough to make four strips, same profile as the proper ones, half the price....4 times win!).
    I'll add more once i've got them fitted up :)
  2. early ones are fitted straight to bumper with a coach bolt ......no brackets
  3. Even better then......that pretty much what i was planning and its just been elevated from bodge to standard procedure.....so thanks very much! :p
  4. Just fitted these to mine, i had to open the cut outs on over riders to fit them and also the fronts i cut at an angle so the fit at less of an angle and more like lates, also had to drill a hole in the deformation panel for the nut on the back of the bolt for the overider as there isnt a lot of room behind the bumper, i'll pop a couple of pics up in a bit :)
  5. Here ya go-


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  6. Looks cool :) Your front bumper mounts differently to mine though.....on mine the holes were over/under on the ends of the bumpers not side by side like the euro bumper was (and like yours is there) Cheers for the pic, good to know i havent wasted nearly 200 quid lol
  7. I moved the mounting holes to the euro bumper location, if yours bolts straight on, then you've had a Brazilian deformation panel fitted?
  8. Was as i took delivery of it......maybe the previous previous owner, because the guy i bought it off only had it 6 months and didn't do any real bodywork while he had it. Oddly though, the deformation panel has holes and captive nuts for euro and brazil bumpers
  9. Yeah probably been replaced at some point, TBH i wished i'd used the holes in the bumper and fitted rivnuts who'd have thought drilling the new ones could have been so hard to get lined up! :)
  10. Yeah i said a silent thank you to the car gods when i saw that it was gonna be a straight bolt on job......had visions of about 8 sets of wrong holes lol
  11. [​IMG]

    Went straight on. Just needed a hole drilled through the bumper on each one and secured with a coach screw :) cut down a spare rubber from my mk1 for the bump strips and sorted. Just waiting for the back order one for the back bumper now :)
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