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  1. I thought I would start a new thread as i lost most of my pics :mad:so I took this from a scrap yard 4 years ago she had been sat for 23 years before I got her . DSC_0103_zps7j4wqnto.jpg There wasn't much left but it left me with a blank canvas.
    images-26.jpg images-1.jpg
    And then spent 4 years worth is Saturdays images-7.jpg and turned her onto this
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  2. :hattip:Just love this site total nutters ..
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  3. Holy moley. That's fantastic!
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  4. 20180310_172816.jpg She went for her mot last week and took some of her belly 20180430_161720.jpg 20180430_161743.jpg
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  5. Bought a sewing machine and made the seat covers and door cards 20180310_172702.jpg 20170514_104642.jpg had my official tester help 20180310_172724.jpg made the rear seat covers aswell then made the curtains and carpets for front cab and back part 20180311_172743.jpg 20180311_095813.jpg
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  6. Amazing work.
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  7. Then went on to making the ferniture but i didn't enjoy that:( as i don't like working with wood :rolleyes: 20180310_172747.jpg 20180310_172713.jpg
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  8. 20180310_172724.jpg
    Will get some more pics and try to keep this thread upto date :thumbsup:
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  9. Credit to you , you didn’t deserve that burn after what you’ve done and been thru , hope it gets sorted soon . Nerve damage I do understand , I live with it but I’m a stubborn old git and pain is a voice from the brain , just don’t let it talk to you . :thumbsup:
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  10. Cheers bud.
    Still got a lot to do there are quite a few bits i want to do again;) as not happy with it but as they say theses buses are never finished.:rolleyes:
  11. The worst thing about it is i have to help the missus with my little girl and I can' pick her up at the mo :mad: but cheers im using alovera gel with tea tree oil in it seems to be working well:) cheers for the idea :hattip:
  12. I get you bud , and infection is the last thing you want in that as you know. They will understand and she wants her dad well too I bet . My face was like that all over and the natural oils cleared it up , I couldn’t believe how quick it healed . Good luck :thumbsup:
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  13. Couldn't go far so missed the Stanford show:( but took the miss and my little girl down the road to the wash and had a BBQ and sat in the sun an watched the world go by :) 20180506_115658.jpg 20180506_115753.jpg
  14. 15358047535738029651756124485368.jpg Another weekend away :) soooo relaxing 15358047789638912481050640619075.jpg
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