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  1. Hello everyone,

    When I was putting my interior together I wanted to install two sets of sockets.

    I wanted one to be connected to the 220V circuit and only worked when on hookup at a campsite. This one is working without any issue.

    The other one was t be wired to the 12V circuit to be able to use it any time for low power drain stuff (charging phone...). But for a reason I don't understand this is not working. I have checked the wires coming the the socket and they get 12V. But if I plug something to the socket it doesn't get any current.

    So my question is, why can't I use a normal socket with a 12V input? Is there some kind of voltage check inside the socket? I'm using some very standard double sockets like this one:

  2. So you want 12v things with a 240v plug on the end? Not sure I see how that's not going to end badly?!

    Why not just use a 12v lighter socket or similar?
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  3. I have nothing against using a 12V socket to be honest. But I would like to understand why that does not work.
    My only guess is because the current might be higher than what the plug can take.
    But if I limit to phone charging, it should stay well within the socket range of acceptable current, isn't it?
  4. because the driver built into the socket for powering the usb outlets runs on 230v ac not 12v dc.

    if you want a usb socket that runs from your leisure battery or whilst driving you will need to get a 12v usb socket :)
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  5. or are you trying to plug a 13a 230v phone charger into the socket powered by a 12v supply? if so then whatever has the 13a 230v socket is not designed to be driven by 12v dc
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  6. I was suspecting something like this.
    Thanks for the explanation. I can now wire a 12v socket with my mind at ease.
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  7. I was hoping the socket was much more simple and wasn't including any kind of amperage/voltage test.

    Thanks for the explanations
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  8. Please don't take any offence as none is meant but if you are struggling to understand why this did not work for you please, please get the work you done previously checked by a qualified electrician.
    I am only thinking of your safety here!
  9. I'm still not sure I understand what you are trying to do here.

    Is it the USB sockets you want wired to the 12v source, or one of the three pin sockets?
  10. You can get 12v sockets for caravans..:hattip:
  11. As stated above, if your not fuuly confident ensure someone who is gives it all a good looking at, none of us want to hear of any unfortunate incidents
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  12. With a standard 220V circuit, your phone charger takes the 220V and reduces it down to 5V for the USB, so the voltage is 1/44th of what it was.

    When you plug a 220V phone charger into a 12V fed socket, your phone charger will take the 12V available... And reduce it to 1/44th of what it was. That means you've got a charging voltage of 0.27 recurring, rather than the 5V it needs.

    Always worth getting someone to check your work- If you have an electrical fire and your work is the fault, you may well end up without any insurance payout.
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  13. As said above. basically that's never going to work. Easiest and most flexible way of getting usb connection is a standard cigar lighter socket with a USB adapter plugged into it. That way you can use the socket for other things as required. dedicated 12 volt usb outlets are available but whats the point!
  14. Thanks everyone for the answers!
    might ask someone to check my setup at the next techender. :)
    I'm fairly confident that beside this error the rest is okay. But better safe than sorry!

    Also I must admit the main reason for trying this was to get something symmetrical in the van (same interface/socket on both sides).

    Something like that?
    Those are just glorified cigar lighter sockets right?

    I get my mistake now. I was focus on the power output and thinking the chargers were designed to require a constant power whatever the voltage.

    Anyway, I'll just wire a second set of 220v sockets to the 220V circuit for symmetry purpose. And find somewhere to add 12V sockets.

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