Wiring problems cutting out

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Steven Paul, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. Hey guys got a new wiring loom installed.the camper ticks over no problem at all.I go for a drive and going through the gears she cuts off and on.it could happen 5mins into drive or 20mins.the power shuts down the complete bus.I have check the black & red wires
    The fuse box looks good no burning.with any advice it would be great thank you

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  2. I’d check clean and tighten the connections on the post on the starter motor as a first job!
  3. Ok I will try it today thank you

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  4. Also check your connection’s on the battery posts
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  5. Dubs

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    Try waggling the wires that go into the ignition switch with the engine running. I had one recently that cut out if the wires where knocked, or you went over a bump. Loose connection inside the switch was the culprit.
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  6. mikedjames

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    The ignition switch contacts burn away too . Probably replacing the wiring harness missed the one fault that caused somebody to want to change the harness in the first place.
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  7. Thanks I put in a new universal ignition switch in BrillAnt job.the old boys probably not like it lol but works the best.I found out that the leisure battery was killing the camper.now I have find out want the problem.I have GPS & heater installed that’s it

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  8. mikedjames

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    Is the leisure battery charged to begin with? , and is the starter battery a bit dead ?
    Some crude charger arrangements with a relay and fat wires and no fuse might be able to connect the flat leisure battery to a nearly dead starter battery and make the voltage drop enough to kill the ignition, at the same time not actually catching fire..

    If its a bit hard to start then dies when the alternator light turns off ...the state of the batteries plus a split charger relay could do it.

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