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  1. So my wiper motor has given up the ghost. After pulling it to bits it seems that the nylon gear (Pinion to rotary axle) is worn where the knurled end of the axle grips the nylon gear.
    I've looked on the normal websites but i can't find this piece as an available spare. Does anyone know where i can get this from or do i have to replace the whole thing? Seems a bit wasteful when everything else works as it should.

    If I have to buy a whole new motor, is there a modern one that can be made to fit? It seems a Chinese replacement sells for £60 while a similar one for a polo is £20 delivered.

    Any guidance please. R
  2. Common problem, probably the greatest reason they fail. Doubt you’d get spares. Some folk have had success slitting the shaft, putting in a sliver of metal and Aralditing the while lot on.
  3. Probably down to problems with friction caused by issues with lack of lubrication of the wiper spindles.

    But anyway, could try finding a hard steel pin or thin masonry nail, drilling a hole through the shaft and persuading the pin to drive the gear round by drilling two holes in the gear and looping a steel wire round the pin and through the gear.
    I repaired a window winder once in a similar way.
  4. Success!
    Cut into the top of the spindle and forced half a washer into the gap. Cut a similar slot in the nylon and glued together with araldite. So far so good. The casting was date July 1977 and so hope it lasts another 40+ years.

    Thanks @snotty and @mikedjames for your ideas.
    Saved me a pocket full of cash and got to spend a couple of hours in the garage fettling. A perfect morning.

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  5. Fingers crossed it lasts!

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