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  1. Always fancied a set of those larger wing mirrors, but they seem to sit too far out from the body for my liking.

    But, after seeing someone cutting/bending theirs to sit closer to the body, I bought some from amazon and had a go myself.

    Must say, after adapting them to sit on the original mounts, and close to the body, I am well chuffed.

    Functionally, the mirrors are domed and have slight magnification, and are huge, so they really work superbly.

    And aesthetically I personally think they look cool. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Without any intention of being offensive, I can only say "Yuk!".
  3. i quite like them but then again i drive a van all day so I'm used to the look lol
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  4. I have a set of these . I done the same cut them down and then painted them black
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  5. Bellum

    tu thissssssshhhh
    Pretend lorry noises :)

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