Wing mirrors moving!

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by 'bellaBus, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Hi! My near side wing mirror is not staying put! Trivial but annoying! It is only moving a fraction of an inch - just enough to prevent seeing out of it clearly eg for reversing. Any tips?
  2. Tighten nut on bottom tight Should be 14mm
  3. the cheapo rubbish repro parts that were on mine when i got it moved even after i'd tightened the nut - tried various techniques to try and get they to stay put but gave up in the end and bought some better quality ones - they've been fine
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  4. Slow down!!!
  5. Oh yeah!!! Could do that!
  6. Thank you
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  7. I shall have to invest methinks. Strange it's only the one that plays up
  8. Did you fix this? I got some new ones but could never get them to stay tight. It was the main thread that screws into the door that wasn’t as long as the original. I switched back even though the chrome is tatty and it’s been fine since.

    Needs a 19 mm flat spanner to get the lock nut on. Also rubber washers.
  9. you can buy some stuff called loctite which will hold but isn't totaly permanent. Basically 'locks' the thread. don't put too much on.

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