Windscreen black out cover?

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Furyblade_Lee, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. I am ready to buy a clip on windscreen cover, which does the front doors too. I have seen sone sky blue ones, some with eyes on too, but cannot find the link! Does anybody kniw where I can buy one from ? Thanks, Lee
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  3. Cheers. Unfortunately do not make one on sky blue, so bought a cheap black one for Busfest and will be on the lookout for a sky blue one . Somebody does them as I have seen one, will have a hunt.
  4. Did you email Mike at Buseyes and ask him; he does do colours not shown on the website
  5. Yes unfortunately only royal blue. Cannot get the quality material in sky blue
  6. Fabrik interiors and rainbow screens
  7. I got mine from fabrik
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  8. Me too!

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  9. I've always wondered how they fit over the top of the doors ... ?
  10. They have extra material that hook over the top corners of the doors. Shutting the doors pulls it tight.
  11. Bromsgrove had some at busfest might be worth ringing them too
  12. One of your spots have fallen off.
  13. Oh no!!!!
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  14. I bought this off eBay. It looked blue in the ad but it's black. Easy to fit and dries quickly. Glad I bought it. Slots over the front door and you shut them when it's fitted properly.

    Think the company was called cover it for less.
  15. [​IMG]

    Like this!
  16. I got mine from them, I like it a lot, mine is grey, but they probably do other colours too

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