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  1. Hey we have a converted panel van..which has a sliding window in the passenger side rear panel, but its cracked and also leaks, so we need to at the moment all windows have metal frames which is obviously because of the glass being curved ?
    but can't find anywhere to get new window to replace???
    anybody know where to go...may even look at replacing all of them if we can get them without the big metal frames?????
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    with panel vans it's a bit of try it and see with windows i think, i'm fairly sure there was a semi standard fit between builders like devon etc but the best plan is to put some pic's up and hope a fellow panel convert has info on them i guess, someone like @physiopro is a man who couldn't afford a proper van, he may help.
  3. IMG_5705.JPG
    What does that mean.. Couldn't afford a proper van????
  4. i have 2 3 pieces of panel van glass but would be affraid to post
  5. Ricks teasing you..its a long term forum joke! Some of the buses had factory fitted glass and others, like yours had windows cut out when they had the conversion to a camper carried out. The glass is different!

    Its a long running TLB joke, that's all :D
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    i have a running joke with andy (@physiopro) that converted panel vans aren't real campers, he in turn says my van is a brown poo on wheels.

    but it's still a real camper.
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    in fairness your windows look nicer than the panel ones with rubber "frames" so i'd try to keep them and repair.
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  8. So finally you agree that despite my van being a beautiful converted panel van, and I quote " but it is still a real camper" ;)
    And yes your van is definitely poo on wheels :)
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    Hello darling i've missed you.
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  10. Charlene,
    Rubber surrounded windows do indeed seem to be a nightmare on panel vans so like rick I would suggest keeping the frames if possible! As we speak I am having two sliding windows made for the back of my panel van, they will obviously be metal framed but the frame will be held in by rubbers so I will have to wait and see how they turn out! The company is they are based in Corby and from what I have seen there work looks ok but I haven't got my windows back yet !!
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  11. I have been trying to save all my retorts for Techenders so I might stand a chance of winning at least one of the banters!! :)
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  12. Nice van and nice colour! :)
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  13. Ag
    thank you .. We loved it . But being novices didn't realise it was a converted panel van.. But she's already won us over old Vera!!!
  14. Ha ha
    Don't tell anybody but I was 18 months into my resto before somebody pointed out to me that I had a panel van convert! I had no idea! What makes it worse is I think it might have been @rickyroo who took great delight in telling me!! Still at least it isn't brown ;) and like you I love my panel van convert!
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    when i 1st joined 4 years ago i linked a few vans i was looking at, @lost-en-france commented on one, "not bad but it's a panel convert" i never knew the difference either.
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  16. On a serious note for all you budding late bay potential owners, there is a definite problem with water ingress around panel van windows that are held in with rubber compared to a factory fitted window on a standard late bay
    This is after one season without to much rain and having done a complete strip down and replaced and rusted metal with new :(
  17. Bloody hell... :-/
  18. rickyrooo1

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    i took my factory fitted microbus windows out and replaced them with sliders, after being in for 36 years i blew the dust out and they were like new, but my van is poo brown and a southpaw baddun.
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  19. But she is your poo brown southpaw Original Badddun :)
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  20. Being a fellow panel van owner I do agree that the windows are not the best, however your one year in use picture must be an extreme case, there's no way that would last another 38 years like mine have.

    Granted mine are rotten on the edge and need attention but there are areas which are good as new on the bottom edge after stripping the paint, my resto looks like first time they've been cut and welded by the looks of it, so 39 years isn't a bad life span really!

    I'm going to seal mine to the glass and to the van so theoretically water shouldn't get to that edge which is when the problems start.

    I do think that the some of the modern poor quality seals are partly to blame as well.

    If I can get the same life out of them again I will be 73 so that should do it!

    Very interested to see your custom windows by the way, good idea.

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