Will it fit?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Betty the Bay, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Came across this beauty today...Subaru SVX, but a Japanese import.
    3.2 six cylinder boxer engine.
    It should go in to the noisy cupboard of a Late Bay, shouldn't it?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Do a swap while they aren't looking :thumbsup:
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  3. That`d be a waste , cool looking (for a car )

    EDIT :- apart from the weird window thing - great frontal profile :thumbsup:

    @pkrboo ??

  4. EG33 6 cylinder engine, 3.3 litre. Yep it'll go in a bay

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  5. Make a great promotional vehicle...it is said that the engine had so much torque that Subaru didn't have a manual gearbox man enough for the job ( at the time)..
    even the auto box failed at about 60k miles.
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  6. The question is, will 231bhp and 228 ft pounds of torque be enough ?
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  7. I would say no, it's never enough. You can get similar from a turboed 1600 air cooled if you dare run the boost.
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  8. Yeah, but how long for :confused:?
  9. Isn't it double the HP for each 10psi boost? 30psi boost - bingo. 20 psi would be good enough tbh 50-100-200. :)
  10. I thought it was a bit more than 10 to double, but either way I am always amazed at what you can make these old engines achieve.
  11. They were in German aeroplanes once, weren’t they?
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  12. Rotax aero engines look very similar. Because the VW engine is what they began with.
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  13. My neighbour has a 3l Subaru...

    Imagine it in a bus
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  14. Thanks.
  15. So, similar mpg to what i get now, only i have a burbley 6 cylinder motor, way more horsepower than i need and massive increase in torque.. sounds lovely. where do i sign? :)
  16. I reckon you should get one matt just to prove it can be done in a bay (I'll help you out by taking the 2.5 off your hands..)
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