Wild camping near Southwold?

Discussion in 'Wild Camping' started by GoWithFlo, May 4, 2012.

  1. We were supposed to be away in the van camping at Southwold this weekend, but had a call from the campsite asking us not to go as the field is a swamp.

    So, does anyone know of good wild camping spots in the Southwold area? Still want to go away in the van.

    This is turning out to be the wettest drought I have experienced!
  2. not wild camping but the "queens head inn" in Brandeston has camping attached to the rear of it - see my thread in the campsite section for suffolk.
  3. i can vouch for Brandeston queens head 01728 685307, also you could try forest camping, tangham, woodbridge. Just a note, sunday is the Ipswich to Felixstowe classic car run, they all end up loned up along Felixstowe prom in the after noon, best of al lits free!!
  4. Thanks for the camp-site recommendation. Will keep that in mind for future trips.

    This weekend we went up to Southwold on Saturday morning. Met some friends there and spent the day on the beach or in pubs/cafes.

    Parked in the free car park near the model boat pond on Ferry Road, not far from camp-site.

    When it got dark we put up the thermal window covers and went to bed. Woke up early and had the bed away and curtains open before many people were around. Nobody bothered us. Probably helped that it was so cold and wet. Not many people about.

    Last night we drove over to Walberswick. Found a secluded car park near a nature reserve on Lodge Road.


    Nobody about, lovely spot to camp.



    There was a height barrier. I think it is supposed to be 2.10m.


    The skylight on our Devon poptop cleared it with about 3cm spare. An accomplice could push up on the bar and gain another 5cm :)
  5. Cheers for the location ,looks ace :)
    I have a devon double top stock height ,would proberly need an accomplice :thinking:
  6. This is what I found on Google maps hope this helps you find the location

    N52.312074 E1.643233. Satnav

    52.312074,1.643233 google maps


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