Wild Camping in the Peak District?

Discussion in 'Derbyshire' started by kimblesblue, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Peterboghorror. :thinking:
    Derbyshire looks good from here in the fens. Derbyshire is soft and cuddly.
  2. Get you ,I've seen the pictures ;):thumbsup:
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    Of what ?
  4. Of you and your family and why you moved down there :thumbsup:
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  5. Hardhurst farm is S33 6RB on Parsons lane between Hope and Bamford 2 mins up the road from the Travellers rest pub, nice meals and nice ales, worth a visit I use it often its got a cafe at weekends that sell bacon butties and drinks etc iof you want a morning off cooking.

  6. Not sure I wholy agree, each has its own good and bad things and many differences. For a start it depends where you live, for me If I want a quick weekend in the countryside Edale/Castleton/the Derbyshire dales ticks all the boxes. If however, I want a more rugged, wilder, bigger area to walk in then North Yorkshire fits the bill. If i want to go very wild and very remote and very little people I go to North Western Scotland and if I want big hills and challenge but, with people to talk to I go to the lakes or Central Scotland. My suggestion wih a campervan is to try everywhere, in my view all of them are far better than any populated area ever could be.
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    That's the one, Travellers Rest, dog friendly as well. :thumbsup:
  8. Here last weekend in the Peaks. Left nothing but tyre tracks;)..
    We find that a recce during the day and then a late arrival/early start is less offensive. Most objections to free camping are due to loons in tents starting fires and leaving rubbish all over the place. The worst that can happen is you get asked to move, so be sensible with the vino! Our rule is that if one of us isn't happy, we move on...yes I have drive through the night before:rolleyes:

    First day



    And then a couple of weeks ago, here in the New Forest

    and then across to Brighton. Right at the far end of Madeira Drive, near the Marina

    and waking up to this...
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