Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by rustbucket, Jul 17, 2016.

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  2. Less panels to replace
  3. Cheaper on the ferry !
  4. And with the spare wheel on the front it takes up less room in the van.
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  5. Flakey

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    Might get a working heater in that, not as far for it to travel under the bus,
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  6. because the centre chassis rotted out
  7. Does away with that troublesome rusting sliding door.
  8. GR12 4 wheelies innit?
  9. I like it - which makes me feel a bit dirty....
  10. Why Not ?
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  11. I like it
  12. sills are going to be super cheap...:hattip:
  13. Positive gear change?
  14. Early 'Smart' bus maybe?

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