Why I love our country

Discussion in 'England' started by vinnyboy, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. One of the hottest days of the year and only 30 minutes from the centre of Newcastle.
    20150823_161547.jpg 20150823_161538.jpg
  2. 20150823_161527.jpg
    Druridge Bay. Northumberland coast.
  3. Where is everyone ? :eek:
    Like a twilight zone episode.
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  4. 20150823_161517.jpg 20150823_143903.jpg Took the Focker Dr 1 tri plane kite for a spin.
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  5. Darn south I fink. This was about three in the afternoon on a Sunday.
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  6. I've been all over the world but I still say we have the best beaches. On a good day the ice melts and you can go for a paddle.
  7. people think its grim up north so dont come
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  8. Let's keep it that way.
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  9. I do believe it was the northern tourist board that came up with the its grim up north slogan;)

    Ill be happy in another month as all the holiday folk will be gone and the fair weather types will stay at home
    That means i get more of the countryside to myself:D
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  10. ron


    Epic! love the place don't forget bamburgh
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  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    We dont want all those southerners coming up here
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  12. sANDYbAY

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    Too late, I've been, and loved it. I couldn't tell which beach it was in the first pics because we found dozens of beaches just as nice all along the coast, especially up near Crastor.
    I'll be going back early next year to photograph the Puffins on the Farne Islands.
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  13. I
    Yip, love it. Perfect sand for making castles. I also love the beach at holy island on the causeway. A lot of people drive past it and don't even know it's there.
  14. We came up last weekend to drop an engine at @Paul Weeding. We went to Bamburgh castle and along the coast it was lovely and not what we expected at all.
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  15. The only missing thing there now man is several Broon ales and get mega dunched yer naa .A nice spot vinnyboy know it well .
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  16. Terrordales

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    I love the U.K. because it's so compact & you don't need to spend days driving from one place to another. :D:p
  17. You should try the M25!
  18. Terrordales

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    I did ........................ once:eek:
  19. Sorry guys, as a southerner I have been to Northumberland and its a million times nicer than down here. North is the new south.
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  20. I've seen a lot of the World and am genuinely happy to settle back in Newcastle and raise my kids here although I could do with some more cash to make it abroad to sunnier climates once in a while :p

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