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  1. Exactly what it says on the tin.

    We haven't been before and were wondering if it's worth it.
  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    It's usually sold out by now, as they still have tickets left with less than 3 weeks to go i'll leave that for you to decide, there's a fair few on here going and a fair few that aren't, i'm in the not going camp which is a shame as it was a great show but they really upset some people last year.
  3. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    We are going as we have had 3 great years ,last year was rain sodden and caused a lot of upset .if it doesn't rain it will be ok . 11 of us are booked ( that's family and hangers on )
  4. It was the first show we ever went to (in 2011) and had a brilliant time (though the great weather, it being at the end of our first ever week away in the van etc will have helped with this positiveness!).

    We also went last year which was a lot less fun because of the wash out. Almost certainly not going this year, but wouldn't rule out going in future. It is a big show, but the prices have increased this year, so whether or not it's value for money, it's hard to say. TBH, AdyF there are some very strong feelings about it on here because of what happened last year, and the price increase this year, so my advice would be to just go along and make your own mind up!
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  5. We've traded there for the last 4 years but last year they took the absolute mickey, So this year we're Out!
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  6. Woodylubber

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    It's all been said not only on here but many other forums as well but I hope the people that are going have a great time, I just can't bring myself to give them my hard earned money again after last year, also it's a bit like been there and done that so i'll move on to something else this year, same thing happened with Vanfest a few years back and iv'e not been back since 2005, from the reports I see I aint missed owt
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  7. We're going - tickets arrived yesterday and can't wait!! It will be our 4th year. OK, last year was a complete wash out but we had two fantastic, hot and sunny years before that ... hopefully the sun has been booked and is ready to shine!!!
  8. I'm going too!!!!! Anyone else?
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  9. We'll be there. First time for us and we are all looking forward to it!
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  10. Birdy

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    I'm painting my nails so it's a no from me.
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  11. bernjb56

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    We'll be there.
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  12. We won't be, for many of the reasons above. I hope you have a good time, but I also hope the absence of attendees from previous years causes the organisers to think a bit. It won't, but I can always hope.
  13. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    I think they will know people are fed up (their lack of presence on the forum proves this to me - in previous years we've had more interaction) the blatant ignoring of people with grievance after last years show and the stubborness to just make out all is fine is amazing, that said it will sell out and i'm sure most who go will love it, i noticed an increase in tents and cars last year in home is where you park it it seemed to resemble a festival rather than a camper show - it just stikes me the organisers don't really care if it's a camper show and just want the money.
  14. We,re going and looking forward to it
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  15. Birdy

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    That's not really a valid point and could be seen as either quite elitist or snobbery. Yes it does have wording around a "camper" but at the end of the day it's a VW show. Bug Jam for instance isn't just about Beetles. Buses have been welcomed from day one and even manage to shot up the drag strip.

    What you also have to take into account is the price of these boxes we drive. The cost of ownership puts these now as a luxury item. You yourself have spoken about the poor mpg you get and the cost of running Bollyknickers. There have been times where I myself have taken the Golf purely because it is cheaper.

    But I do get you with regards to their "everything is fine" when it clearly wasn't.
  16. If Winnie is finished we'll be there :) tickets are bought and looking at us! We've been going for 3 years although we chickened out last year despite having tickets - didn't fancy mud fest!
    Lovely friendly show that we can even bring the dog too.
  17. Grazzer, it's almost worth going just to see your finished bus!
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  18. rickyrooo1

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    elitist or snobbery? from me? darling I don't just drink champagne I drive it.
  19. Terrordales

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    No you don't, you've got a ringer :p
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  20. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    o_O shhhhhhh! it's a cava then.

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