Who has a lowered van? How often does your front beam hit the floor

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Floki, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. My van a fair amount on adjusters and with dropped spindles and was just wondering how much other people hit the deck?
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    The beam hits the floor?
    Sounds like a death trap.
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  3. Mine did this when a gave a set of skinny tires a go which I knew might not be up to the job.....turns out they where not. Not good at 60mph!!!
  4. I've got dropped spindles and never have an issue.
  5. I have a creative adjustable beam on mine no problems, but its not slammed tho
  6. Mine was bad for that. Main part of the solution was gaz coil overs which improved it a lot although not quite perfect. I then swapped the beam as the adjuster wouldn't let me go back to stock height (also meant I got bump stops back). After that I fitted bigger tyres. Now I very rarely get the tyre scuffing the arch but the beam hasn't hit the floor since. Next plan is to modify the bump stops, seen a couple of folks on here do it.

    Not as low now but a much nicer and easier drive!
  7. I have done the same, well I've got drop spindles on but put the adjusters back to stock height. I put spax adjustables on, slightly thicker tires and modded my bump stops by about 10mm. It's slightly higher but I'm happy and it rides well tbh. If u wanna go lower and be comfy its a lot of work.
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  8. If you notch the front does this raise the beam and give slightly more distance between it and the floor?

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  9. It would give slightly less distance between the floor and the ground and the beam would still hit the ground – unless the floor hit the ground first.

    I hope that helps.
  10. How much clearance between the tyre and the wheel arch is required to stop rubbing ,any ideas?
    Just lowered mine but I think the it's too close?
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  11. My beam hits every speed bump I go over unless I go over them on a bit of an angle.
  12. Each to their own! Think i wouldpoop myself if this happened to me.
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  13. PSG


    my beam has never hit the floor. You probably have heard tyres rubbing on the arches.
  14. My beams got to flat spots on the bottoms lips from hitting the ground. I can tell you tires rubbing is a very different noise.
  15. Same as
  16. fitted gaz adjustables and never had issue since, if helps GT 5 turbos fit and half the price than " special camper ones ". just measure, tbh you must be proper slammed as we never bottom other than on back lanes. Fitted stainless 3mm plate as undertray
  17. Got a part number for those?
  18. I raised the van two notches on the adjusters - looks no different in height but rides better and haven't hit the deck yet! May be problem solved!

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  19. look on ebay . will check history

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