White Westy stolen from Greenwich

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Rog, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Rog


    Just got home from a fantastic night at the Olympic stadium to discover my camper missing from outside our house in west Greenwich, SE10. Reported by a neighbour as being tampered with around 11pm Sun 12 Aug. White late bay, Westfalia pop top, reg XTK 858M. Very clean condition - a few paint blisters on passenger door only. Distinctive splittie-style domed chrome hubcaps on white wheels. Original jaffa interior, chrome 'eyebrows', monochrome number plates.

    Thanks for all your messages today. Have tried to upload some images but failed - guess I'm missing something...
  2. Nooooo. Not another one. ..

    Noted reg and will keep a look out in n. London for ya. I hate to hear these news feeds.

    Hope it comes home soon.?.

    Put some pics up fella as this may help. Fingers are crossed and eyes are peeled.
  3. What a gutter, I'm a few miles east of you so will keep my eyes well peeled on my travels, hope you get it back dude.
  4. Hope you get it back in one piece M8. :)
  5. Oh no...that's so awful :( poor you and I really hope you get your bus back... That's just awful... :( x
  6. Moons

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    Sorry to hear this news.

    Do you have any pics?

    Was it a rear hinge? What interior was it, dark wood, continental etc? More info the better!
  7. Rog


    More details as requested:

    Front hinge pop top, clean white with Westfalia decals but some cracking around hinges.

    Dark 'wood' formica Continental interior with grey handles. Fridge absent. Chequered flooring.

    Original rear upholstery and vinyl front seats.

    Will try again to upload some pics. Thanks again for your interest.
  8. Hope you find it ...
    where did you buy you tickets from
  9. Moons

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