White Wall Tyre Cleaning

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  1. Can anyone recommend a way of getting the grubby white bits of my tyres nice and clean again. Read somewhere about using a paste of baking soda but so far that hasn't had much effect :-(
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    Have you tried something like liquid hand soap and a scrubbing brush?
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    Cif works a treat ….. tried the stuff off EBay that’s supposed to be the from the US of A , but not a patch on CiF ( or Jif if you’re of a certain age.)
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    Use what @Suss uses when he’s in the bath, soap and plenty of elbow grease :eek:
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  5. This
    Unless they are white wall flaps
    If there flaps Chuck them in the bin because they will eventually damage the side wall of the tyre
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  6. Thanks for the advice everyone, going to give CIF (or Ajax as I remember it lol) a go

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  7. Betty the Bay

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    You want the cream …. I recall Ajax/Vim being more gritty, as in a powder…. Cif and a piece of sponge works great.
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    Mer car polish works a treat with upvc windows……might be worth a go.
  9. I have vintage cars with white walls since more than 2 decades
    and just using Ajax (or similar kitchen scouring powder) and water.

    But there are cheap white wall tires, where the black rubber diffuses and it becomes increasingly yellowish and brownish.
    There is no solution for this. Some people also try tire paint, but it only lasts a short time and becomes stained.

    Anyway, also white wall tires should be renewed every 5-10 years - expensive, but more safety when it comes to grip in curves and when braking.
    There are two options for whitewall tires: imported from the USA or Asia with poor grip in wet conditions - or rings vulcanized onto good European tires.
    Otherwise use dummies as https://www.ravus.de.


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    Bar keepers friend
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    That’s a great photo of the two classics in the snow! December calendar shot I think

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