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    We had 4 nights at High Straggleton Farm in Whitby. It sjust North of the town near to Sandsend.
    £72 for 5 people including Electric hook up.
    Lovely views and a few Bays, including one couple on 2 weeks honeymoon!
    There are 2 shower blocks(portacabins) one has 6 individual showers @ 20p for a few minutes and the other is a family room with 2 showers and a baby bath - all free. Seperate toilet cabin and a posher log cabin for washing up with 3 sinks, 2 microwaves, 2 washing machines and a tumble dryer.
    Its a real live dairy farm with associated cows and smells. But all in all a nice chilled ou place.
    Theres 3 camping areas, bottom field with sea views, seemed frequented by bigger motorhomes and caravans, middle field nice and flat with caravans and campers and top tent field a bit of a slope but less busy - we stayed in tent field where the toilets etc are.
    Farmer Derek is very laid back and was quick to lend me some tools when my drivers side door window disapeared down into the door of its own accord in the middle of the night!

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  2. What a great view! :)
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