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  1. ok I have a twin slider and the following window options:

    A pair of westie jalousie windows, one of which needs four new brackets and both needing new seals

    A single factory glass window that needs a new seal, and i'll need to source a matching one for the other side door

    A pair of devon split jalousies, both of which need seals

    Trying to decide which ones will be best to use.....all gonna need a little investment so what would YOU think the best option?
    Figure i'll sell whatever I dont use to raise parts money so I need to make a decision lol
  2. how often would you open both windows, rather than both doors?

    I'd go for sliders both sides personally, but it depends what interior you're palnning
  3. sliders for me as well....
  4. Just going for a pair that match really, and cheap as poss, which is why I thought I'd Make use of what I have already.
    I use the westy one thats already fitted quite a bit when camping for ventilation....particularly when its raining more often than not lol
  5. I like the look of the sliders - don't have any (yet) myself.

    Silly question time - I've only ever seen a jalousie on the non sliding side. Can you fit one on a slider without it clashing the van if slats are open??
  6. The slats open outwards. Got one in my sliding door already
  7. Just Checkin' :)

    Wanted to ensure they didn't pivot around a central point and you would smash them when you opened the slider!
  8. They think of everything these Germans lol
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  9. can someone tell me the difference between louvered window (is correct name jalousie?) we have a Devon but with one piece louvred windows (i.e. 3 pieces of glass), but have seen several with central bar and 6 pieces of glass.
    Is one Westy and one Devon or were they al bought in from one supplier of different types/years???
  10. You have a Westy one.
    Incidetally, you can't (well you can obviously) fit a devon one in a sliding door because the handles stick out inwards when they're open.
  11. Three long panes is westie, 6 short panes that open independently is devon
  12. Thanks guys - as I suspected we have a Westie in a Devon van (see avatar). It is opposite the sliding door. Would this have been fitted from new or retrofitted by PO?
  13. Im gonna go with retrofitted :)
  14. rickyrooo1

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    your other alternative funds allowing is to fit sliding windows from @Alex VW Heritage i've got a slider in the rear and in the sliding door plus retained the 3/4 microbus window and westy louvre the other side, 4 windows 3 different options.
    the westy louvre - i'll be honest i don't like the look but you can have it open when raining so i guess i'll keep it.
    the 3/4 - you can leave open if you've popped out or just want to get a little air.
    the sliders - they are great open when driving for loads of air in the rear for the dogs etc and also brilliant for having open when connected to the awning.
  15. I got double glazing...:p(t25)

    You young uns , must be hard deciding about windows...:cool:

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