Which smev hob??

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by nicko_1982, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I am looking to get my kitchen in the bus done & wondered what smev hob people recommend.

    I am looking at the 8322

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    All Smev products are great quality so it's just a choice of what one best suits your set up.
  3. Do you have a sink too mrs hangover? That's why I was thinking of the 8322 as its a combo
  4. We do but it's a separate one owing to our layout:


    The sink is the one at the back and the hob nearest the front
  5. I saw one at dubfreeze2 last year and it had a sink and a single burner in one unit but can I find it anywhere!! Noooooo :(
  6. Mrs hangover -your interior looks sweeeeeeeet. Bet that must have set you back a fair whack...
    Worth every penny though I bet
  7. Thanks nicko! Yep, I loves it very much and Majorhangover made it himself (except the bed which was the lovely Delilah's!) but it didn't half make a mess as he decided to build it all in the front room :eek:

    Thank god we have laminate and wipe clean surfaces ^-^
  9. Chris, where have you seen them?
  12. Think you want a Smev 8821 - single burner/basin combo. Got one myself - perfect for boiling a kettle as I do most cooking outside van.


  15. Z4Alfie!!! Not good news mate! :(
  16. Was thinking of the 8322 as it has 2 jobs & sink....
  17. Before I get too carried away, I do like Mrs Major Hangovers interior too!!

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