Which shows this year is everyone going.

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  1. Looks like the obvious choice is techenders, better start creating jobs. Just need something to entertain rest of family there.
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  2. Techenders x2
    Stanford Hall

    Little interest in shows but Stanford Hall is good and barely 15 miles from home:thumbsup:
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    This! ^^^
  4. Volksworld with luck, coz it’s close (ish) and apparently the good company makes it worth it
    (Is there a thread yet Si @1973daisey ? )
    And despite it not being a show techenders x 2
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  5. No paul was trying to contact them for me but no joy there a night mere

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  6. Just looked at the price of tickets for skeg vegas and noticed this:

    Small caravans & Non VW Motor homes ONLY are allowed but an additional charge of £15 is to be paid when purchasing your tickets.
    We don’t allow twin Axel or 5-6 birth caravans, this is a classic car show!
    This Caravan charge does not apply to Vintage Eriba Puck style and teardrop’s.

    So if you turned up in a ford focus towing a teardrop trailer you'd pay the normal price but turning up in a 1970's Hymer you'd have to pay £15 extra.
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  7. only Dubfreeze so far, but that list will get longer as the year goes by :D
  8. Vantastival and the Eireball neither are shows but the craic will be good:)
  9. I'm doing super vw fest in Le Mans looks awesome

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  10. Going to Dubfreeze and will then assess the situation!
  11. Last year was my last visit to dubFreeze.
    It used to be a spectacular season opener, but sadly the internet has killed it off.
    2017 was all but dead, all done in 30 odd minutes.
    The show has been sold on and the new owners are planning to ditch the auto jumble in favour of more vehicle displays.

    The end of an era.
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  12. Dubfreeze and Techenders x 2.
    Did Busfest once was miserable with all the lights and generator beside us.
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  13. Techenders x 2 and camping in Cotswolds even if they aren't shows they are events:)
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  14. The only actual show we have in the diary is Stanford Hall, its the reason I found this thread as I recall someone was arranging a LateBay Forum area / display so just seeing if this is on or not?
  15. I'm tryin a few this year got techenders Stamford hall Bristol Volks fest bus fest and camperjam and my fave dubs in the valley all booked

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  16. These are my only planned outings :)
  17. Email the guys that run the show, explain its a classic motorhome and they might do a deal, they are sound people.
  18. Techenders x2 (first year being able to do both)
    Alive and V-Dubbin

    Can't do Stanford Hall this year as too much on - shame.

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