Which Shows/Gathering/Festivals?!?!?!?

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  1. Hi Guys,
    (hopefully this isn't a duplicate thread)

    this will be my first year attending VW meets..

    Looking for some advice as I'm now planning out my year/weekends away

    At this stage I'm a definite for Techenders (13-15 April)

    - I'm considering Volksworld Show as I'm in London so its easy (23-25 March)

    - TLB Summer Camp if I can get to it (has a date/location been confirmed?)

    Wondering if those in the 'know' could give me a summary of their highlights? ie. Which ones are standouts/best ones to go to? I'm keen to get involved!!

    thanks in advance!
  2. Volksworld is a good show to go to, lots to see and a good few of us tend to meet up during the course of the weekend!

    Big Bang at Santa Pod is another good show to go to. Elemental (its held on the same weekend as Techenders) is one of the great little shows, always an excellent atmosphere, very chilled out and a good few TLB'r attend.

    Summer Camp, here http://thelatebay.com/index.php?topic=7745.0, 27th to 29th July, provisionally ;D
  3. We normally have a good late bay turn out at camperjam in shropshire
    Its a good show with a nice vibe
  4. We enjoyed Camper Jam last year even though we didn't have a van then! Looking forward to going with our van this year.

    Didn't enjoy Vanfest as much, too big and busy for us.

    I'm going to try Elemental this year as it is about 20minutes away :)
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  6. Very true mate, we go to Big Bang for the drag racing which is always good, especially if the USB and BWA guys are on track!

    Camperjam will be a first for us this year, looking forward to that, Bus Stopover is also a good one, great atmosphere too much like Elemental!
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  8. Im going Camperjam & Whitenoise and Volkspower .Vanfest hasnt got tickets up yet but might be going.
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  11. That it is mate, Busfest not Vanfest
  12. Didnt see SVWOC festival on their thats a nice "little" meet, nice little pub their too, cheap camp etc,sixbells chalvington.
  13. Dates? And i'll add it

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