Which pop-top..?

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  1. Hi All,

    The mechanical worm my new camper needs is progressing nicely, so I thought I'd have a think about the camping side of things and in particular the pop-top.

    From the M-Codes, I know my camper started life as a tin-top Westy, so the pop-top is a later addition. I've done a good deal of research in to which roof it could have and have come up with a fair few possibilities, but nothing conclusive to identify it.

    I've uploaded a few images. as you can see, the top has some rather unusual(?) off-set facets and no form of ventilation. The metal struts in the images look very like those used by SpaceRoofs, but I have been in touch with them & they say it isn't one of theirs.

    Also, as it is now, there are no gas-struts (and I can't see any holes where some may have been fitted in the past), so there is no way for it to stay up. In fact, it is now held down with cable ties & I understand the precious owner never had it up at all (it is water tight though!).

    Hidden in there also, is the tattered remains of a white cotton 'canvas', with net windows and flaps (to cover the net windows) in the same fabric as the curtains visible in the images.

    I'm in 2 minds about the frame/cut out. Where the skin & ribs have been removed to open the roof, the cuts are smooth, suggesting a professional job, and the frame itself is a good fit, but its installation seems a bit sloppy - using long screws with exposed threads as opposed to rivets and/or buts & bolts, which seems a little sloppy. Also, no attempt has been made to attend to the headlining.

    My feeling is that the roof was a kit bought by some previous owner and only partially installed...

    So if anyone has any idea of the make/model...maybe I can track down some correct spares...structs... canvas...etc...

    If not, I'll just have to work it out as I go!!! ;)

    TBH, I'm quite looking forward to getting it all ship-shape (so-to speak!) It'll be fun!



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  2. Which pop-top..?
  3. Hi Wizrod....your name bears a remarkably strong resemblance to a past forum member who put quite a few people's noses out of joint so thought i'd give you an early heads up before you get any ribbing for it....;)

    As for the roof, it looks Dormobile shaped in size and style, and appears to have similar cut outs for similar sized roof windows but dormis have a different lifting mechanism...yours looks like an early devon...so who knows...maybe a copy?

    oversized screws and exposed threads sounds like standard Devon practice but i think it's been a DIY job
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  4. Hi Vanorak - the similarity of the name has already been pointed out...rest assured I'm definitely me..and not someone else ;)

    I'm not sure about it being a Dormobile roof.. all the images I've found show the Dormobile with symmetrical roof-lights/vents, whereas mine has a distinctly asymmetrical pattern. All the Devon images I've seen (at least those that are not the current style) seem to be 2-piece affairs with a very thin, flat lifting section...is there another (earlier?) version that is just 1 piece?

    The closest I've come across is the Danbury, but even that isn't quite right.

    I think my next move will be to order up some gas structs...fabricate some suitable brackets and fit them.. then, with the lid properly up, it'll be a lot easier to measure up where the canvas should go, so I can try and find the closest match...we'll see.

  5. It's pretty fugly from all angles IMO. It's only saving grace is that it hugs the roof nicely when it's down. No Idea what it is, but I disposed of a silmilar one and fitted a Dormy roof to one of my previous campers.
    The furniture was Devon, but I wouldn't know if it was originally in the bus, or whether the roof was original. I sold it for £20, but as the chap had to come 200 miles for it and it was only to spoil his bus I gave it to him.

    Looks quite like yours? Best picures I have.
  6. Hi Zed...yes I think that's the one.. the top outside looks right. The end support is the same, though the headlining in your images hides the inside ... You are correct, it isn't the prettiest of designs, but it is definitely watertight when closed, which IMO is a point in its favour!

    Do recall how it stayed up? The brackets visible in my & your images would help stabalise the lid once up, but I think it would need something more to actually get it up...gas-struts? or was it just muscle power and some fixed legs?

  7. That's definitely a Devon. You do get some Dormobile roofs with the asymmetrical pattern (@kenregency had one, I remember) but that isn't one. I'd have thought some form of catch to keep the struts in place when the roof is up is what is missing, although as I have a Dormobile roof, I can't help any further, sorry.
  8. Ty all...input much appreciated!


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