Which plywood?

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by bood, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Be careful unless its decent edging its not that durable really? Mine chipped on the edges but I agree I prefer it to plastic T-stuff which I dislike as its too modern looking for me? I ended up using the old alloy edging like the original Devons etc- its expensive but its good and it makes my interior look classic looking which fits in with the style I want?

    The Iron on edging was a perfect match to my light oak panels (from Magnum motorhomes) but its not that great and the glue is not that wonderful even if the ply is clean and dust free?

    so used this instead
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  2. Thanks for the feedback. My current design has flush doors so the edging is for vanities sake when they're open rather than being in an impact position.

    I'm surprised that is light oak board... Looks darker than I imagined!
  3. Dont go off the photos - one is camera other is phone and different light conditions - that was the paper faced stuff that has peeled! Going in the bin soon as I get the Morland hard stuff ! I will use the iron on stuff for inner doors bit like you also but any outer lips will be in alloy like above? Good luck with it anyway.

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