Which Insulation sound proofing?

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by seanlithman, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Hi what's the best stuff to put behind my ply panels for insulation and sound proofing? Obviously it needs to breath as I dont want to trap any moisture. Some threads have suggested real wool fleece, perhaps I need 2 different products.
    Any ideas please.
  2. Flashing tape for sound proofing
  3. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Dynamat for me.
  4. Diddymen

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    silent coat for sound proofing for me, cheaper than dynamat

    I've not insulated for heat so cant comment, but there are plenty of threads on here
  5. I used silent coat on the walls and rear wheel arches. Might do the cab floor once it's primed & painted.
  6. Silent coat for sound deadning and closed cell foam for heat insulation
    Stick the silent coat to the bodywork panel and fit the closed cell foam to the rear of the trim panel
  7. Silent coat for me too. I got packs on EBay from these guys


    I got stick on sound closed cell from them too, made by Dodo. Under the rear floor, I put down home foil-backed foam. The same stuff that goes under laminate home floors.

    Don't use open cell foam. It has better sound I insulation but soaks up water.
  8. Which of their products did you use for each part or was it just the one product for all surfaces? Roughly, how much did you need to do the whole van? Thanks in advance.

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