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  1. Hi all, just about finished my twin slider/viking conv/westy poptop resto and starting to think about gas bottles. What kind of gas would be best? It will only be used for the twin burner/grill viking cooker.
    Thanks for any help.
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    depends on the space you have and if you're gonna camp in extreme cold
    campinggaz 907 is smallest
    calor 3.9 propane is their smallest
    red bottles (propane) best in cold blu (butane) not so good in cold.
  3. I'll only be summer camping, size wise i was thinking the bottles about 35cm high?
  4. Butane....it's a cleaner fuel altogether
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  5. Get a second hand westy LPG gas tank. I used to use camping gaz 907 bottles used 4 in a year £25 x 4 = £100. The LPG tank costs about £12 to fill and filled it twice last year:thumbsup:

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