Which fire extinguisher system for engine??

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by charlene, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Advice on which automatic fire extinguisher system to get???
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  3. ^^^ WHS
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    And again :)
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    As above.
  6. None. Fix your bus.
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  7. Of course! :)
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    Or FireFlex.
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  10. Totally agree - i`m not saying the extinguishers are a bad idea but if fire is a worry spend cash on prevention rather than a cure ...

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    I always thought for the sake of few quid it made sense to do both.
  12. I've just bought one of these......

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  13. Not gas, it'll blow away and doesn't cool the source, so will re-light. Foam or powder, the fire service normally use AFFF, foam which forms a film over the fuel source to prevent reignition.

    Whenever you look at a video, see how established the fire is. Most of them light it and put it straight out, which is easy as there's no heat build up. Do a test with any fire service and they want to see it burn for quite a while to get really hot before accepting that a test is valid.
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  14. A van from the prototype forum caught fire the other day. His air cooled works fire extinguisher put it out, with minimal damage. A good investment if they save family & van!
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  15. Thats what I like real stories, I had my doubts about them in real life. Was he driving along or stationary do you know ?
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  16. I've copied the post, hope he doesn't mind:

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  17. I think folks who fit them also have an automatic fuel shut off valve system as well.
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  18. I think the aircooled works one kills the fuel pump in some way
  19. Me also, it:s good to hear of one successfully doing it's duty.
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    It'd be interesting to hear what caused the fire.
    I can see one putting out an electrical fire, but not a semi established petrol fire.

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