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  1. Ok, so I'm picking my bus up tonight. But I just had a thought, how do I protect my bus from the elements when it is not being used.

    I have no access to a garage or lockup, so the next best option is a cover. But which one? I have found two online:

    JK Cover @ £129
    Hamilton Classic @ £220

    Which cover do you guys have for outside use?
  2. I got mine from Amazon for about £60 delivered, has the side access zip like the JK one.
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  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I'd look into renting a garage.
    I stored mine outside for a couple of years before I moved. I was really surprised how much better they fair being kept inside. It really does make a big difference, covered or not.
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  5. As @Baysearcher says a garage is the best thing.

    I bought the Jk one and very happy wih it. Got zips both sides so you can access cab doors and slders. It was very tight to begin with but the material has now relaxed and fits really well.

    Picking up your van ...v exciing!!
  6. I have unofficial winter storage at my works underground car park so use this in the summer months when it's on my drive.

    A snap of it fitted, I have a bike rack fitted on back too.

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  7. I bought the JK one last year to replace my old one and it's excellent quality. much better than my old one or nothing!
    I would also recommend a couple of the moisture traps as it still gets damp inside over the winter. ..
    Would use a garage if I could find one.
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  8. The storm force cover is good, like the Hamilton one, very nice material, but make sure before you use it you run a sewing machine over the straps where they attach on the side and also add some straps to go from front to back aswell!
    Mine is currently held on with blue nylon rope so it doesn't blow away!
    I was to get a new one id get one like @sharpey
  9. I will look to get one of the ones of Amazon for the summer months and then may clear out the garage for the winter. Thanks all
  10. Ah good questions @Fil6 .... I like being a newbie with someone else ;) you can ask the questions and I can crib the answers!!

    ...even if I completely emptied my garage (and this ain't nnnnever gonna happen!) I'm not sure the van would fit inside. They made 'em small in the 60's!
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  11. Hey, I have not even measured it up yet. So not even sure myself it will fit!

    You'll be wanting an engine bay lock next;) see @Cov1987 's post:thumbsup:
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  12. JK one is great
  13. And it has a front to back and side to side straps
  14. +1 for the JK cover. However the whichever cover you get the golden rule is to take it off every couple of weeks at most and take the bus for a good drive! Just leaving the cover on for an extended period will allow damp to get trapped underneath.
  15. i've got the maypole one [amazon] but got it on ebay no 301234090549 for less. They really are good value and very waterproof
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  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It's also about where you park it. On a hard standing is far better than on grass or mud.
  17. I wish I had a garage :( can almost here it rusting at night lol
  18. Any updates on how the Maypole cover is fairing @sharpey ? Or anyone else? I'm torn between that and paying the extra for a Hamilton but it is a LOT extra. Don't think I can trust JK's cover after the awful shiny plasticky thing I bought from them a few years back......
  19. My maypole cover is fine. Had it a couple of years and is hard wearing
  20. Holy thread revival Batman!!. On the strength of this thread I think i'll go for the Maypole as my newly acquired bus will have to live outside
    plus the fact I already rent three garages, I could get another but even if the bus would go in I'm sure the up and over door couldn't be closed o_O
    Any update on the cover scene Dudes?.

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