where is the post about what LED lights can replace the standards?

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  1. so i want to replace all my side lights and indicatots with LED equivalents.

    cant find a thread about it already. i assume its a straight swap out for side lights and brake lights.

    is there an issue with indicators flashing at wrong speed like with some other old stuff?

    also any options for headlights?
  2. Yes, I did a post somewhere on LED sidelights, and I think for headlights too. I have both.
    Stop/Tail lights are an easy swap

    H4 warm white headlights from Classic Car LEDs I think they were. They fit once you reverse the heat sinks but you need to be careful to keep the wiring away from the heat sinks. No overheating or wiring issues and a lot more light.
    I also fitted warm white LED front sidelights to keep the classic look, but not your standard fitting as I used Beetle H4 reflectors and had to source new sidelight bulb holders as the reflectors don’t come with them.

    You can get equivalent flasher units specifically for LEDs to get around fast flashing problems, but I haven’t fitted them in my bus, in the end I figured it wasn’t worth it, I just put them in on my towing light board.

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  3. I used Cree 0range LEDs for the indicators on the back of the Bug, work well but are £30 for a pair, which price wise is a lot compared to two original lamps.
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  4. So are the headlights H4? The manual says 410 as referenced also on just kampers halogen conversion kit.
    I don't wan halogen. I want led because I feel the current is reduced releasing some pressure from the original wiring. Or is that a fiction?
  5. It depends on which reflectors have been fitted.
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  6. Earlier 3 screw headlights (with one tab in the buckets) are 410 fitting which had a different bulb base but can take a H4 with a converter ring.
    My repro early 410 reflector bowls were so poorly made I couldn’t use the converter rings so I replaced them with Beetle H4 reflector bowls which have a built in retaining spring clip replacing the Bakelite twist ring and a different side light fitting.

    Search ‘Headlights - pre-‘74 reflector bowls’ for that thread if it’s of interest.

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