When you see An Elephant at the top of a tree

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Nov 22, 2020 at 6:15 AM.

  1. and Tottenham at the top of the premiere league you ask the same question, how did they get there:eek:
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  2. God knows bloody annoying though

  3. The only way they'll stay top of the league is to do a Trump.

    Get their fans to gather at White Hart Lane and chant:

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  4. Roll on next Sunday, can't wait:thumbsup:
  5. First time in my life I will want Chelsea to win
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  6. Oh, jealously is such a bad trait!

    Let’s see what happens next week, I think this season is wide open (to everyone except the Woolwich)

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  7. It’s a funny old season thats for sure if we win today even the hammers will be above city
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  8. Ahhhh, football.
    Coats for goalposts.
  9. 1.jpg
  10. Normal service will be resumed later today when Leicester thrash Liverpool :)
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  11. Who Harry Kane?
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  12. And do you know what’s worse? You’re all going to have a look at that elephant at the top of that tree for a whole week!!

    Let us have our moment :)


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