When it stops raining shall we go to Clumber again?

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  1. or some where else?
  2. We can get the following:
    Sat May 12th
    Sat/Sun May 19th or 20th

    Not sure about other dates yet as we have Stanford Hall, TLB on the Farm and Bus Stopover plus jolly hols at the start of June ;D
  3. I dont have a clue what Im doing from one week to the next tbh. Hopefully can bring the clan with me next time though and dont forget weve a 40th birthday party to arrange for September- ish! I like Sundays out. Hoping to go to Bluebell woods at Yoxall this Sunday.
  4. Whats TLB on the Farm?
  5. Yeh trip to clumber or Ruford be great, yehhh
  6. Count us in
    If we can find a campsite we could make it a overnight er maybe
  8. Well Yoxhall is flooded(ish) or at least very wet and not open. The farm things the weekend of my 50th so may have other plans but ta for the link. Still up for a trip out. Rufford or clumber both good places for us. Now if it just stops raining for 5 minutes!
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  10. bernjb56

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    May be possible - about 60 miles from me :thinking:
  11. count us in, if this rain ever stops. Not looking too good for stani hall next week. fingers crossed it improves a bit. :thinking:
  12. We were just thinking that too Adam, let's hope it clears by mid week to give everywhere chance to dry out!
  13. I need to get some shows sorted out..
    got isle of man circle yer wagons booked, any one going...
    dubs n rods.... i think wolma won some tickets in the darcy auction.
    need summit for august. sept oct.
  14. Run to the hills in August?
  15. it's still wet the thought of planning anything is fraught with weather danger.
  16. ok putting a poll up as i started the thread

  17. can’t see no poll
  18. bernjb56

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    voted for somewhere different but not further away please ;)
  19. I heard a couple of old dears talking the other day and they said it's going to rain for the whole of May.

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