What's the most Beatlesy Beatles song?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ginger ninja, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. For me it's Strawberry Fields....love those Ringo fills and cello bits. .. still gives me goose bumps like it's the first time i heard it as a kid. The sound just sums them up for me.
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  2. for me its the last song on revolver - tomorrow never knows, its like a prodigy track !!!
    So far ahead of its time.
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  3. The Long and Winding Road is one of my favourites. Although it’s not really what a would call a Beatlesy song.
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  4. Norwegian Wood.

    Love the sitar.
  5. Influenced the stones to do 'painted black' which is awesome, well both tunes are :thumbsup:
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  6. I don’t know :D. There are some songs that I think instantly sound like a John song, or a Paul song. Likewise I think George’s songs are very distinctive and very different to John or Paul. Not much help I know.
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  7. Eleanor Rigby. FACT.

    Oh, and "Revolution".
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  8. The Beatles were noted for their innovation so their style changed with almost every release.
    My personal favourite would probably "A day in the life" from Sgt Pepper - an album that was played incessantly at every party I went to in 1967.
  9. Champagne super nova :)
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  10. Crap wannabes with an average songwriter who isn’t fit to lick the fabs boots. FACT! :D
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  11. Probably my favourite Beatles track, although Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is up there too.... so many to choose from.
    The early stuff would probably be the most recognisably Beatles style, but as others have said, they changed and matured with every album so they never sounded totally the same from one song to the next.
  12. Anything on a Hard Day's Night. Archetypal Beatles at their best.
  13. you won't see me - great tune
  14. Twist & shout without a doubt! :)
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  15. Always been hey bulldog for me
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  16. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
  17. Yeah styles certainly developed and differed over their time. It seems the most Beatlesey Beatles song FOR YOU is often to do with whether you like the early stuff or the later stuff the best and which material you heard first. The first time you hear a great track as kid is something else isn’t it?.
    Some great offerings and suggestions here....I love it. Thanks a lot.
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  18. There’s Beatles songs I love, Beatles songs I like, and Beatles songs I like a bit less, there’s not many I don’t find something in. Probably Revolution Number 9 would be in the Skip Over category but it’s about the only one.
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  19. Nah. It’s just soppy.
  20. Same here. I always skip past it. There’s some great pretentious cobblers written about Revolution Number 9 in Ian MacDonald’s otherwise really entertaining read, Revolution In The Head.

    Eg....”Revolution 9 is another Lennonian evocation of the domain between sleeping and waking, it’s wavelength-wandering radio-babble resembling the sound an infant might have apprehended in a summer garden during a typical post-war summer.”
    Er.....yes, ..........if you say so Ian :D
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