What's the internet for

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jivedubbin, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. jivedubbin

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  2. Mad as a box of frogs!
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  3. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I’m not sure we should be encouraging him.
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  4. This sort of thing?

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  5. This?

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  6. Maybe?

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  7. 1DF752CF-CAF9-4F30-8AC5-5CDDE1A533FC.jpeg
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  8. 8B08C54D-217B-4DD8-AFC3-2D292982B61D.jpeg
  9. 406F6F96-9C1B-4B23-A9B1-810B68E91E89.jpeg
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  10. 9674CE15-D6AE-4285-B8F7-F7017DB4BD37.jpeg
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  11. 60EC26D7-F2F4-41A8-90B6-368ACC29B7D1.jpeg
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  12. 19F10F7B-7B65-49D6-AF40-11B1D4C79275.jpeg
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  14. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    This .....


    for some of you.
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  15. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

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  16. Saves talking to real people . Well you get better answers Shirley :thumbsup:
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  17. The Internet is for sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll...And of course this sad lot Who have a VW bus-based and Mentartady... especially @snotty
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  18. Oi. Haven’t you got any palm trees that need trimming ;)?
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  19. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    That's got to be a euphemism.
  20. Just pines right now. ...:(
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