What's the correct air filter for my van

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Sproggy4830, May 5, 2018.

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    Cheap is rarely best, just use steel or aluminium or even copper pipe, b@q sell it
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  2. To be honest it wasn't cheap . or at least it was £12.50 for 2 meters of stainless steel tubing with the 7mm outside diameter that fits the little rubber t piece , i searched high and low for any suitable tubing without gain , except for flea bay , I never thought of B and Q though , suppose i live and learn , thanks for the tip.
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  3. The stainless tubing came today , this will enable me to complete the job, i have borrowed a mated small pipe bender to assist , this will be needed because as far as i can work out the rubber T joint that fits in the roof of the engine bay is formatted wrong , i would have thought a 7mm straight through and a 5mm T of it in the middle , but is a 7mm to a 5mm , then a 7mm T from it .
    should crack on with this at some point over next couple of days.
  4. Did you ever get this finished?

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  5. Looking at replacing some of my missing bits, so keen to see your outcome. Cheers.

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  6. Hi. Yes i got the right bits from all over the place . The main filter was from the autojumble at a VW show, if i remember right there was a number on the filter , i put that into google and the reply came back exact match for my twin port 1600 . It already had bits of tubing i needed to attach to oil filler . I remember i got a rubber T piece that cost more than the filter . And it seemed to be a reducing T but in the wrong direction . Its not on the van at the moment as i will be removing the engine soon for a rebuild hopefully over winter . Other than this theres not much more i can add unless you want to know something specific .
  7. Cheers. Yeah I have the oil bath filter so no probs there, but the t piece is broken and not connected to anything on the roof of the engine bay, someone has removed the piping to it from either side. I have the condensers in the air scoops, so lucky there!
    The T piece seems to be about £6-7 at JK/eBay, it's the metal bits of pipe and the Flexi hose that I will need too.

    I also have the metal pipe near the spare wheel area, so it is the piping to the t piece and to the air filter that I need. Cheers.

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