What's the correct air filter for my van

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  1. Hi
    I have a 1973 1600 twinport engine with standard fittings. Dynamo and vacume distributor. The mounting plate for my air filter is a round plate with no clips or brackets attached. But the filter I have is like a cube with a paper filter. It just sits on the filterbase and I have no doubt it's the wrong one.
    Does anyone have any links or photos of the correct one I should have .
    Reason - I am trying to start putting the pipes back in place for the fuel vapour pipes and I assume it would be more efficient with the correct filter
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  2. The filter that fits on the round plate is an oil bath air cleaner. In some peoples eyes the extra fine spray of oil it produces extends the lifetime of the engine. The oil bath cleaner comes with clips around its base that hook under the edges of the round tray.
    Both types of stock air cleaner have crank case and fuel tank breather connections; and vacuum thermo switches and flap actuators for hot air feed on cold <30C days.
  3. Is it this one your after ie with oilbath filter ? F45CD61A-D8A5-4655-B634-F3CFC9E2C156.png
  4. Is there a particular round one for the year of van or will any do or particularly the one pictured above . Plus is there anything I need to make sure isn’t missing from it
  5. Not particularly.. there are some around without the vacuum connection on top. Try Megabug ..
  6. It needs to have large rubber air intake to top of carb and small rubber intake on side for the tee piece vent tube ,conns on top A and B for vac tubes,oil filler vent D spout con , quick release clips which go onto support plate and it should have quick release clips which hold top of filter top on for changing and refill with oil up to red line inside . Google oil bath air cleaner for 1973 t2 vw .
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  7. i am going to Stanford hall in the morning. Failing that i will see what they have to offer
  8. Be aware there are Beetle ones that look similar but sit on top of tbe carb. Take a copy of the diagram with the pipes it shows the correct cleaner shape, the Bay window one is squarer than Beetle ones..
  9. If you can find one like this

    F2DDD660-51D7-4F95-8DB6-18CE00C403C7.png You will also need clips for bottom onto fixing bracket
  10. There's also a type with a wax thermostat on the side of the pipe.

    I don't know how long these last but replacement thermostats are unavailable now as far as I know.
  11. Just looked at one like this on flea bay 250 dollars -gulp .
  12. I will print the photo off and take it with me
  13. £40 bowt right price ask @davidoft he may have one ?
  14. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Around that, I have one somewhere safe :eek:
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  15. I think Megabug had some that looked like the pictures for a tenner each , but that was two years ago , alongside well used degreed crank pulleys without any numbers left on them, at Volksworld on their real, real junk stall out just below the grandstand steps.
  16. Hi. I got a filter from Stanford hall £20 in ok condition with all parts there. A few hours clean up and spray paint and I am sorted . Gonna research pipes/tubes dimensions and lengths and routes along with the fuel breather pipe stuff to get then I have a nice little project on my hands .
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  17. 20180507_161933.jpg

    The start of a government funded oil bath air filter refurbishment scheme run with cheap labour (well today is my official first day of retirement) .
    Forgot a before picture but a hour washing in petrol then a wire wheel in grinder then a scotch wheel in drill reveals quite a decent unit realy.
    Funny how the mind plays tricks cause I was sure I had plenty of primer and top coat to find I only have a can of etch primer . But it' a start I suppse
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  19. This is still an ongoing project. Why?
    Has anyone ever ordered from eBay , pressed pay now then and only then realise that the item is comming from China ......and will take around 3 weeks to get here .

    Ive ordered some 7mm outside diameter pipe to replace some of the missing fuel vent piping . Awaiting its arrival to complete the project.

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