Whats on in July on the 16/17th & 23/24th?

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  1. As the events calendar seems to be in need of the last rites, im trying to find out whats on on these two weekends as i may bring the Field do forward, i dont want to clash with anything else if pos.
    I dont have to move it but it may make my life a little easier
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    The Tour De France. 2nd to 24th July but I won't be going there, might come your field thou :thumbsup:
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  3. I`m at a wedding on the 1st weekend .... Istanbul :thumbsup:
    But if it`s easier for you to move the `Field` weekend then just do it , some folk will moan BUT ...

    It`s your gig , your field - just schedule it to when it suits ......... you :)

  4. Sounds good to me. Would like to come along again if that's ok. Hopefully stay the night this time.
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  6. 16th/17th is dubs at the castle
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  7. Bug jam is usually the first of those weekends too, but I doubt any of the feild campers would be bothered about that.

    They're the weekends either side of my birthday, I was staying close to there for my birthday weekend last year and there was a steam fair quite nearby the same weekend too. Was a nice day out
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  8. Looks like i might leave it alone
  9. Can you move the field to slightly higher ground?
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    Does that mean you'd already got other dates in mind Keith, If so what are they :thumbsup:
  11. I was trying to keep to the same weekend every year, in this case 30/31 july
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