whats it worth? help please!!

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  1. hey guys, lifes gone a bit downhill and i think i may have to sell my bus :'(


    more pics here:

    got a roofrack, awning, tents and other bits and bobs that comes with..
    and rust wise its pretty solid, (drivers door could do with some love though)

    ideally looking for about 4500, but open to offers.
    its a '73 1600

    if your interested in it give me a call on 07709582390.
  2. Sad times, sorry :'(
  3. Where are you based?
  4. im in bristol baghead, but the bus is currently in cumbria near carlisle.
    if sold i can sort out collection for buyer from either place.
  5. That is actually a very good price however the colour might put some people off, just going to send this to my mate ;)
  6. has it got an MOT?
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I think this got kaiboshed??
  8. sorry guys, ive sorted my life out since i posted this!
    got a great job now and sorted out my money problems to some extent :)
    so i dont think he will be going anywhere, and, im afraid price may have to go up a bit if he did, because hes got a new engine now, will be completely gutting the electrics and putting in a brand new loom very soon and multiple other minor bits and bobs he currently is a bit shabby on.

    although if anyone is truly interested, they can take into account the new engine and brand new loom (EVERY wire front to back all shiny new :) ) and make me an offer.

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  9. Keep it, you will only go and buy some one elses troubles!
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  10. you have a very valid point there!

    (if a mod wants to remove this thread, they can feel free..)
  11. Im really please you got things sorted out!
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  12. Yay! Pleased that things have turned around :D xx
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  13. So glad your keeping the bus dude:thumbsup:
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  14. thanks guys!! :thumbsup:
    i must say that im incredibly happy about it myself :D
  15. :) See you around hopefully.

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