What's happening at Bus/Vanfest?

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  1. Sorry if this is repeated but I can't find much info with my limited internet access.....

    I'm booked into The Late Bay for camping.

    Question one.... Are we having a line up - if so, when?

    Question two.... Who is going?

    Question three.. Are we having a meet at, say, Dogs n Dubs again?

    Thanks for replying (hopefully)!
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  3. There is a thread in the chat section about a meet up (might be on page 2 now).

    Dogs N Dubs stand is in the same location as usual (around the corner from Just Kampers, on the Avon row) ;D

    And next door, will be the brand new, Retrolight Trailers stand so please come and clink a glass with us to celebrate our launch ;D
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    hiya Chris... We're camping in the traders area this year. I think we usually meet up at the dogs n dubs stand at 1pm-ish. You're best trying to find us at the d n d stand :) :) :)

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