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  1. Hi there

    Looking into potentially buying a T2 in the next few months but not entirely sure what to expect for a price range of £10-12k?
    Should we expect to see a bit of rust on the body work/under neath or to just walk away if there is any signs of the paint bubbling? I've got a very bad record of buying the first car I see and end up being stung, so trying to avoid it in this case!
  2. You could get anything, we sold ours last year and we had a look at the competion to see what we were up against.
    There seemed to be a number of expensive poor vans out there with(to my eyes) poor bodywork(filler etc) but newish paint (pre covid). The cynic in me is thinking what have people have been up to in the last few months?
    Don't get me wrong there are very nice and well looked after vans however you need to be very careful what you buy.
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  3. I would imagine that you could get a pretty good van for that sort of money.
    Unfortunately you could probably also get a shiny van that looks pretty but is in fact an absolute nail beyond economic repair.
    You really need someone that knows them intimately to look at them with you.
    Best of luck with the search!
  4. So I bought mine from a reputable seller on here. I was very lucky! I did view some vans before hand that were same or more money.
    The ones before looked good but in further inspection ( under the floor ) I could of done a Fred flint stone to power it.
    Best option is find someone on here who lives near and get them to have a look with you or post pics on here and ask questions.
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    You were very fortunate :D
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  6. Don’t buy a shiny van is my advice.
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    Ask on here if you are going to look at anything - there may be someone who can help. We also love picking eBay ads to pieces :hattip:
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  8. That was my budget 6 years ago - prices much the same now. You should get a bus with 12 months MOT for that and all ready to go camping in. It should look tidy but not perfect - and the engine should run smoothly with no end float and not be smoking - but you would need to pay double that for a perfect bus- they all need constant fettling every year - even a 20k bus - there will probably be bubbles and small rust patches here and there - but a freshly painted bus should be treated with suspicion anyway - as said above - take someone with you who knows what's what.
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  9. When I was buying I went to see one which had been done up and looked good in the photos. On closer inspection there was a little bubbling around the windows. When I got the rest of the photos the restoration process showed an Arthur Daly type job on some previous owner’s drive. That was going to result in another respray done properly very soon.

    Moral of the story - don’t take anyone’s word for it, if it looks shiny and the owner says it’s been restored, get photos of the process. If they say they don’t have any, walk away. If they do have some and you see parts sprayed with rattle cans up against a garden wall, walk away.
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  11. Sunderland, haven’t even had the chance to see one in person yet to be honest so might not be for me, struggling to find any at all locally!

    Would be more than happy to travel though if it came down to the right vehicle being far away
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  12. Same here. I'm in Stockton on Tees. Not many come up for sale.
  13. I've been looking for a while now and i think I've become reasonably adept an zooming in on the fotos people post. You can see the imperfections. if you find one that looks nice and ask for further fotos, close ups of the bottom seams and wheel arches, underneath showing the structurally crucial bits, it tells another story. So I haven't actually been to see one yet, the fotos have put me off. But I've found this company in Milton Keynes. They are importing Early and Late bays that have been refurbished in South Africa. £16,500 to £20,000. there's some photos taken during the resto.
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    To cheap to be done half way good
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