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  1. On the right side of my Dormobile I’ve got two ports. One of them is a water inlet with power for a whale pump (which works). But this one I don’t know what it’s for.

    Edit: the pic has rotated again. No idea why.
  2. Looks possibly like it housed an electric hook up socket
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  3. Does anyone know the socket that would have been in here? I'd like to put it back eventually and have a hook up on the outside. I've done an image search on duckduckgo but didnt find anything that looked like this.

    BTW - The distance between the posts is about 70mm and the depth from the top of the post to the plastic wall going across is about 35mm.
  4. That looks very similar to my mains hook up. The three pin blue part slides in and out on those runners.
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  5. I bought it on eBay about ten years ago. Quick search but can’t find any now.
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  6. Do you have a pic? Or could you do a very quick online search for it please?
  7. I’ll take a pic tomorrow and try and find out more info. Plenty new style ones for less than £15 as long as you get the same size.
  8. Thanks, I'd appreciate it.

    I would have just bought a complete replacement socket and flap but a) this one is already painted the right colour b) I don't want to have to drill any new holes.
    Actually I have some 3D printer filament the right colour so maybe I could buy a new unit and print a new housing to fit...
  9. I would say mine is the same as yours but haven’t found where I bought it yet
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  10. So it's spring loaded?
  11. Not spring loaded. The side of the blue part has a springy tab that locks it in the out position.
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  12. I bought this one because it was exactly the same size as the original Westy one so I didn’t need to alter the hole in the van.
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