What do you do for a living

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  1. 'Tis interesting. We need to know these things.
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  2. Sorry Kkkaty, the John Cooper I know doesn't work for the railways.

    By the way we have matching buses and I love your webpage!
  3. What/ where is kkkkkkkatttyyyy's webpage?
  4. i make drugs! Legal ones that is, pharmaceutical manufacturing
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  6. Ah! Yes I know that site. A strange coincidence. Same bus, same name - but not me.
    Mine's called Margarita - original condition 78 Moonraker in (mainly!) taiga green.
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  7. That is too weird! You have a doppleganger! Have you seen Invasion of the Body and Van Snatchers?
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  8. Haha yes I made the same mistake as well :)
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  9. Aircraft engineer

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  10. Certified Financial Planner, man and boy for over 20 years!

    I work for a wealth management company, based in London but have clients from Cornwall to Inverness, so end up travelling all over to see them. I enjoy helping people invest their money, sort out their estate and build or withdraw their pension savings - all the different people and their various issues keeps things interesting and It is great to get to know them and keep in touch. I used to work for a high street bank which was painful, but am now free to give proper help to people and access everything the market offers.

    Yes, talking about final salary pension transfers, offshore bonds, discretionary trusts and investment portfolios isn't the sexiest thing in the world, but that is relieved at the weekends by driving a 44 year old vehicle to a faraway site and sleeping in the back to wake up to a (hopefully) sunny day and alfresco coffee. Hmmmmm, roll on spring!!!
  11. I passed my driver assessment for South Central Ambulance Service this morning. :thumbsup:

    I've also applied to be a Comunity First Responder, that way when a job vacancy turns up I'll already have some experience.
  12. well done ...:thumbsup:
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  13. Great - should be really interesting My wife and I were First Responders for a while in 2002 - but we were still working then and found it very difficult doing the night shift.
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  14. Yes I'm 55 this spring :)
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  15. whatever anyone will pay me to do! :D
    currently part-time technical theatre lecturer, stage manager and sessional youth theatre worker.
    yesterday i had a second interview for a complete change in direction job (fingers, toes, eyes, legs etc crossed) :)
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  16. He's going to kill us all isn't he? We know too much :(. Oh well, I thought it might come to this someday. I wonder if his orders came directly from Vlad? Will someone take care of my goldfish Arnold please?
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    Co driver in rally cross?
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  18. if true, it'd leave my cat alone so she could look after arnold :D
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  19. failed that one on geography and getting left and right mixed up. oops :D
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    Lots of changes in direction though :thumbsup:
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