What can I make out of a 1700 T4 engine?

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by zedders, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. It's got an alloy case, standard bearings, 39 x 32.5 oval port heads.
    One head has 2 receding valve seats.
    I'm thinking of going T4. :D
  2. Can I put 2L B&P's on it?
  3. Yes
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  4. And a turbo
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  5. What are the main bearings like on their diameter - does it need a line bore or are they good?

    Ive been looking at the AA product list with a view to a tasty 2276 for the westy, providing the 1911 motor goes well!

  6. Smaller cc and blow the hell out it .....
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  7. I only did a quick tear down after work so far. but the centre main isn't worn and the journal is shiney. I'll see what the big ends are like later.

    I could get a 2L crank, but what cc can I make with the 1700/1800 one?

    Is it wise to build on the case which is an alloy one? Or should I be looking for a heavier aluminium one?
  8. Hmm... I know that was aimed at Mark, but I don't have the time this time, I need an engine ready for when my late is painted. I have 4-6 weeks to do both. In my spare time. :eek:

    I don't have much in the way of tinware and stuff, barely anything so I might have to buy a complete motor for the parts.
  9. Mine's 1911 cc, which just needed barrels and pistons, built by Paul. With flowed 1800 heads (found these used as mine were cracked), Weber 40s and a hotter cam it runs really well. It's a bit peaky to pull the longer box I've got in, but only when heavily loaded and on steep hills. A different cam to make the torque curve a bit less steep would be good.
  10. What cam do you have in yours?
  11. My 1911 goes well too. Keeps up with the 2056 until 50 mph then the grunt takes over.
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  12. Did Debs find you yesterday? I went to work specially in case you dropped by. :mad:
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  13. Im sure the Type 4 cases are all Aluminium Alloy mate, its the type 1/2's that have the AS21/AS41 so you should be fine - Ill have a peep in my book at coffee break!

    You know Im making the 1911 out of an 1800 case, as Owen and Glynne have commented, the 1911's with right cam and carb combinations go well, I cant vouch for that, yet :D

    Looking at the Wilson book, all type 4 cases share main bearing dimensions, as does the cam bearings!
  14. A coffee table!
  15. I had a quick chat with Rob yesterday who says different and that you can't tell by age/engine code etc, you just have to pick 'em up and see how heavy they are. Maybe there's a choice of aluminium based alloy or Magnesium based?
  16. Page 38 of Wilson says that most Type 4 cases are aluminium dual relief but there are a few Magnesium alloy ones in Europe - Id go with what Rob says :)

    If you scratch the case the Mg ones will be a yellow-white colour and give off a distinct sound, a high pitched screech (compare with a type 1 case perhaps).

    I know ours was Aluminium as it gave off a duller sound and the mains were to spec, the Mg ones have a tendency to oval on the centre bearing from the crank pounding!
  17. Exactly why I would prefer a stronger one. :)
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  18. all depends what you decide to do. If its a keeper and a screamer then its got to be best case available. If its a mild tune for now and the big one is on hold then does it really matter.
  19. You best get your penknife out :thumbsup:

    I wouldn't be surprised if your case isn't Al Alloy with the mains being okay unless you fell lucky and got a low mileage Mg case!
  20. Eurorace II H grind I think. It's quite peaky, which does show up on hills with the longer ratios.

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