What beam converters are ok for our buses in Europe?

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  1. Can someone point me to the right beam converters for our old buses to use in Europe! Can only see one design on ebay! but just wondered is the common ones available are ok to use. Thanks
  2. Insulating tape ;)

    You just want to block off the kerb side kick-up. That's the best you can do.
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  3. We've got these on at the moment... no idea if they're right but to be honest we drove first night without and no-one flashed us but you're lights might be more than our candles[​IMG]

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  4. Never used anything and for the past 7 years or so has never been an issue. Lights aren’t bright enough anyway
  5. I would guess they are aimed more at newer cars.
    On the few occasions iv driven the xr2 at night the lights are crap.
    Saying that it's got no darker at night since the 90's so maybe it's my eyesight.
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  6. pretty sure they are on wrong, they should be on the triangle part of the lens shouldnt they?
  7. Yeah probably.... but we're not out at night apart from when we got stuck late without any on trying to find a campsite.. stopping for tea time from now on to enjoy cheese and meat based evenings

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  8. Insulation tape for the win, I only had blue in the van

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  9. They are on the wrong side (see @matty's pic).
  10. A closer look

  11. I’ve got some of them yellow reflectors that you used to have to use but I never got round to seeing if they fit cos I had eyebrows:oops:
  12. The question is , why isnt johnny foreigner made to use these when he is over here.
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