What are you doing today?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Is it Bazza singing to you Snotts :)
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  2. God, he's awful. It'll be "My Way" later, betya.
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  3. "Fly me to the moooon ..."
    "It had to be yooooo! ..."
    "Cry me a Riverrrrr ..."
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  4. Wishing I hadn't had this "bright idea" for my Dad's 90th birthday cake ...
    It's going to be about three days work by the time it's done and no guarantee it'll work.
    Why do I always choose complicated stuff that I've not done before?!
    So that's the basic design, print up and scalpelling done ... Next is cutting up the rolled out icing that's in the freezer in the hope that it doesn't move about with the cutting! :thinking:
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  5. I’m gobsmacked , your amazing Barry how the hell did you remember that ! .

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  6. It will be worth it :thumbsup:
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  7. Back on the dirty job propping up ![​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Is that your place?
  9. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Trying to sort paperwork, invoices and general tidying up. Tho off to book club in a bit :)

    All this with a sore eye which a friends young son poked me in yesterday for no reason at all :mad: stuck shut this morning, I had to dab it with a flannel until the gecky stuff would go. I’m not best pleased. I know he’s young but I think he may be a psychopath!!
  10. I’ve known David or Dave boy as I call him for years
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  11. Nothing like a job that calls for a good pair of acro's :thumbsup:
  12. :( ... or should that be ;) ?
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  13. It is , I don’t live there . It’s my latest full renovation project .

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  14. Feeling tender. Had a hernia repair op on Tuesday, woke up this morning and everything “down there” is a nice shade of deep purple. :eek: And no, to the requests for pictures :p
  15. The only thing that beats a good pair of Acro’s is a lovely pair of .............................tits (blue ones )[​IMG]

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  16. Get well soon mate, I feel your pain I’ve had it done not nice
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  17. :rolleyes:
  18. Some of us more fortunate I guess then ... Just walked about like the Terminator had forgotten to swap out the batteries, but no bruising or whatever ... Had you delayed the op?
  19. Nope :thinking:
  20. I had that done a good few years back, they did it keyhole under general anaesthetic. They said I should take a week off work, so naturally I strung it out to two. Wasn’t too traumatic as I remember.....

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