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  1. Just felt the need to share this! I bought a second hand whale heater off eBay for my bus. It sits external and is an electric and gas heater. Fitted it about 4 or 5 months ago and has worked fine. However got up on the Sunday at techenders and it wasn't working! Felt pretty crap to be honest so didn't even look at it! Had a look at it this morning and was gutted to find out that power to the heater is as it should be so the heater itself has packed in :(
    There is 12v power to the heater but no 12v out from the heater to the control panel which is a thermostat and the different settings for the heater.
    I thought whale where made by propex, they are not, it is a company in Ireland so I rang them and spoke to this lovely lady who passed me onto one if the engineers who asked me loads of questions. Was not put off by the fact I had bought it second hand and that I had fitted it myself! After about 10 mins of questions and checking with my multimeter under his direction he came to the conclusion that it was the control panel had picked up a fault. He put me back through to the lovely lady who asked for my address so she could post out a new control panel. I was very impressed but slightly nervous as to the cost of it so I gave her my address but asked what the cost would be and how she wanted paying. Her reply knocked me off my feet.......
    "Oh you don't owe us anything! Glad to be able to help and anyway that control panel shouldn't have just packed in like that"
    Can you believe that for customer service? Remember I bought the heater Second hand! And fitted it myself!!

    So I am thinking call them back and ask her to pick a charity of her choice and I will donate £50:00! :) what do you think?
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  2. That sounds like a brilliant idea. I might wait until it's in and working first though
  3. Ha ha yes I was going to but just felt what great service!
  4. If I ever need to warm up a whale I know who to ask.

    I assume that's it's main porpoise.
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  5. It is that good that it could in fact keep a whale warm and probably a pod of porpoises! That is of course when it is working!
  6. Karma!
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  7. :thumbsup: Always been a good company to deal with though I only really know them through their pump division. Think they must carry spares for just about everything they have ever manufactured.
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  8. come on!
  9. Control panel arrived yesterday and didn't fix the problem! :(. So rang them back and they think the main board inside the heater has gone! After much discussion on their side and confession on my side it was decided that it had blown because I had a 10amp fuse in the PMS and I should have put a 5amp fuse in line to protect the board and they believe I must have had a power surge at eddies when I was at techenders!
    So now they are sending me a main board FOC! They are not even charging me P&P! What a company! I asked if they wanted the control panel back and they told me to keep it as a spare! I don't think I have ever dealt with such a good company! :)
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  10. I think the service you are getting is excellent and the idea of donating to charity is also a great idea. Even if you do not get it working, it might still be worth a donation just for their efforts.
    On the other hand, if you keep going, they might send enough parts to build a completely new heater FOC !
  11. Ha ha somebody else said that about building a new heater! Re the donation to charity I have already offered it and I waiting for them to come back and tell me which charity! :)

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