Westy Louvred window adjustment

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by MorkC68, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Just fitted one of the louvred windows back on Major & noticed it doesnt close properly, the open / closing handle turns okay but leaves the panes about 15mm open when they should be locked closed.

    Is their any way that this can be adjusted without removing the window from the bus?

    I have a suspision that the rod which goes from side to side may be the wrong way round.
  2. You should know the rules now. You know the sad answer.

    The adjustment for that is in the gearbox nose cone..
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  3. I did figure that I'd have to take the window back out and re adjust that way :(

    Thanks Mike :)
  4. davidoft

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    Keep turning the knob, I’ve never seen one do that , is it getting very very hard to turn?
  5. it does get stiff and appears to stop and not want to go any further, if that makes sense.

    The cams on the end of the long rod appear to be same as the good, opposing louvre window.
  6. davidoft

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    If you think the gearbox is knackered, keep turning the knob, nowt to lose, gear boxes aren’t cheap, I may know a man ;)
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  7. I'll have another look tonight and see what happens.

    Is it possible that I got the long cammed rod in the wrong way around or 180 degress out by any chance?
  8. davidoft

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    I don’t think
    You can, the gearbox just goes round and round I think so maybe something is miss aligned, try disconnecting the rods and see if the gearbox will turn further
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  9. ill pop the window out & have a twiddle round.

    Thx for replying :)
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  10. If I recall it should just turn and turn, so I dont think its possible to install incorrectly. I replaced my gearbox as it had loads of play before opening/closing (ie if you wound it on one way, and then back it was 2 or 3 turns before anything happened) - the new gearbox was virtually the same so if I ever get round to having it out again I'll have to adjust the free play on the end of the bar first. I think you can unclip the e clip so you might be able to check for full opening and closing by bypassing the gearbox
  11. Thanks @mikedjames & @davidoft

    All sorted now, the long rod from left to right was wrong way round, once swapped orientations, all was well and refitted again and the louvres now close properly.

    I am never ever putting one of those windows back in, it slipped and scratched the paint as I was tilting it back in :mad:
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  12. cheers dude, I had tried that last night. I am sorted now, as per the post above :D

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