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  1. Does anybody know of anybody near Leicester who fits westy canvas’s? I’ve got the canvas, just need it fitting.
  2. just stapled in to the roof isnt' it, and screws into the bus? not a hard diy job.
  3. I've been researching this, the general wisdom is as you say, it's not difficult, just awkward, supposed to be easier with two people.
  4. Two people needed but be careful of the wooden battens that are on the pop top mine where rotten and needed to be replaced.
    It's not a hard job Tbh just a bit daunghting a air stapler makes it a so much more less painful.
  5. Moons

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    I found it one of the hardest things I've ever done on the van tbh.

    Canvas sizes and quality vary.

    When measuring the circumference of the roof, it was a good 5 inches larger than the top of the canvas - I was told it would stretch to that.

    It doesn't.

    I had to add an extra batten behind the front wooden one to make up the gap - and canvas was supposedly one of the best ones you can buy.

    I had the interior out anyway, I can only conclude that there is a size difference between the West rear hinge roofs with the side locking mechanism (my 74) and the later ones with the centre lock mechanism.

    Next time I'm going to a sail maker - get it made to fit.
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  6. @Moons where did you get the canvas from?
  7. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    It was Heritage (no issues with them on this one tbf) - the box was marked cool-out.com - I assume they are American, which might explain the issue as American vans all seem to have the center lock.
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  8. Isnt Cool out the company name for NLA VW, there website mentions it on their address
  9. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Unsure - I bought it in 2012, unsure if they were around then?
  10. That's the issues with them you can get so many diffent shapes and sizes. Cheap ones, proper thick canvas ones it's pot luck.
    For what it's worth mine was from NLA and it fitted well and is thicker than some I've seen.
    It's the tolerance when they are being sown that gives the bad fit
  11. They may have been around as Cool Out Ltd, that name has existed since 2008
  12. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Ohh - dunno then. The quality of the canvas is good - jaffa is a hard colour to source - I just conclude that the locks on a westy roof matter when it comes to size.
  13. A lot of NLA's stuff is good, hats off to them :)
  14. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Agree regarding NLA (apart from my sending them the one bit of original 0range carpet I had, maybe anyone had, for them to reproduce and getting no thanks or even acknowledgement they had it) , but primarily I'm also unsure it's something they produced tbh.
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  15. I've stapled my NLA canvas to the roof as per instructions, can't get the bottom rear to stretch to where the holding strips are :-(
  16. Put some photos up let the hive mind take a look
  17. Moons

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    So this is one point where I too have an issue.

    At the bottom - there is an aluminium strip that runs the circumference of the hole in the van roof. The canvas has a plastic trim sewn along the bottom.

    For me, that is the logical place to start as it aligns the windows with the roof and allows you to get the canvas trim tightly fitted to the aluminium trim, then you pull the canvas up and fit/trim it at the top.

    But the instructions state start at the top.

    How do people get the plastic trim and aluminium trip tidy if they start at the top?
  18. I would imagine starting from the top gives you more defined corners to set the canvas out ? My old canvas was if I recall about 10mm smaller but I put that down to shrinkage and age.
  19. I've done a few of these. Two man job to get the corners in starting at the bottom as this is where the piping is pre-sewn in to prevent the canvas being pulled from under the ali strips thus keeping it securely in place. Fully fit all the ali strips around the base, then with the roof fully extended & starting at the front you can pull it taught-ish (don't go mad it will shrink over time then rip), tack up the remaining canvas & finish with a plastic tack strip all round the top. Cut off excess & you are done. The tiny screws in the corners at the bottom are an absolute cow to get back in..... keep a bucket of cold drink handy as you will sweat like a pig at a bbq & keep washing your hands as you will tranfer a lot of sweaty muck onto your brand spanking canvas, no-one wants that!
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  20. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Thank you, I wasn't going mad on how we approached it....I still don't know how it can be done as per instructions!!

    Btw, a side ratchet screwdriver for the corners!
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