FOR SALE Westy, arrived from USA today

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  1. Whats involved in doing this? (properly I hasten to add)
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  2. Buy a RHD steering box and swing lever and buy/fabricate the RHD late accelerator linkage, cut the pressings in the floor out for the steering column/pedals etc, weld the corresponding ones up. If you've got a servo,Swap the servo mount over and reroute the vent pipe thing. Move the master cylinder and reservoir over, reroute the brake pipes. Make up some spacers to stop the steering box crushing the chassis.
    Swap the dash round,( it's a while since I've looked at a padded dash, so can't remember how feasible this would be) or buy a new one. The dash pod and glove box are interchangeable.
    Some late microbuses/westies had sliders on both seats so you wouldn't need swap the runner/clip thing over if so.
    Probably some other stuff I've forgotten, can't remember if the brake and clutch pedals are side specific, maybe?
    I reckon 3/4 days would sort it all, not 5 mins work, but worth doing I think for the drivability and value of the van.
    I thought about this a couple of years ago when I saw a VwKampers van which had had this done. They 'mass produce' vans, so I figured if they'd done it, it couldn't be that difficult;)
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    ^ and adjust the mirror the other way.
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  4. Its when you have to get out at the toll bridge to pay is when you really notice it.
  5. ron


    nah just means the missis has to pay. i find lhd ok scares the wife witless staring at on coming traffic :D
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  6. For me the LHD experience that adds to the fun. There are some tricky bits but you soon find and manage them.

    Easier on the continent too
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  7. Whats Ricks excuse then?
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    No passport?
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  9. Somewhere underneath all this..... I had a for sale advert...

    Also, we do rhd conversions all the time
    1 day mechanics
    2nd day wiring
    Job done
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  10. Do you have to contact the DVLA regarding the conversion or does an
    MOT pass suffice :oops::oops:
  11. Just been to see this today, after looking around it and speaking to Steve I've put a deposit on it so it'll be all mine soon. :)
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